Expert Written Language Translation
for All Business Communications

At Inline Translation Services, written translation consists of the human conversion of written text from one language (the “source text”) to another (the “target text”) in such a way that the two texts can be considered to be equivalent.

Native speakers

We use native speaking professional translators with degrees in translation, relevant certifications from professional associations belonging to the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs, such as the American Translators Association, and with training and experience in international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

Reviewed by editors

All Inline translations are reviewed by independent professional editors who are fluent in both the source and target languages. They check all translations for completeness, accuracy, coherence, readability, and cultural sensitivity. Project output includes hard copy, basic formatting, and electronic files.

Most popular languages

Our most frequently requested language combinations are English/Spanish, English/French, and English/Chinese. However, Inline can help your company communicate in over 100 living languages using the appropriate regional dialect.

In addition, should you need assistance preparing multi-language content for print or digital publication, Inline offers page layout (DTP/typesetting) and design guidance.

How we work

Inline’s goal is “meaning-based translation,” not simply a word-for-word conversion from one language to another. Our goal is to preserve your original message in culturally-sensitive translated text to communicate clearly with your target audience.

To start, your Inline project manager/editor scrutinizes your English text, requests clarification when needed, and suggests changes if the message will not translate well. When necessary, we can even help create clear, unambiguous English source text that will deliver relevant messages across languages and cultures.

Inline’s translators are not only multilingual, they are:

• trained in translation—the ability to move information between two languages;

• experts in specific subjects such as accounting, banking, chemistry, engineering, medicine, and law; and

• professional writers who can spot potential problems in the original text.

Your project manager/editor makes sure the nuances and the technical terms of your original text are maintained in translation, and that the same terminology is used from one project to the next.

Finally, we always encourage our clients to establish internal translation review procedures that promote cooperation and expedite project completion. Read more about translation review guidelines.

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