How to Manage Your In-house Review

The purpose of any translation review is to determine if the translated text accurately reflects the original source document. It is critical, however, that your internal reviewers be provided and agree with the source text prior to reviewing the translation.

Summary of Translation Review Guidelines

1. Select reviewers based on language competencies AND subject matter expertise.

2. Provide the source document to the reviewer.

3. Ask the reviewer to show suggested changes using a “track change” tool; they should not re-type the document.

4. Ask reviewer to focus on real errors, omissions, numerical accuracy, and spelling; avoid stylistic changes that are purely subjective.

5. Use glossaries when available; if changes are needed, make them consistently throughout the document.

6. If there is more than one internal reviewer, appoint a senior reviewer to consolidate changes.

Download a PDF of the complete translation review guidelines.

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